Thursday, December 18, 2008

December 18, 2008 - SNOW DAY

What a week. Maverick has had the crewp, Rhett the flue, and Madeline, Aurora and I a cold. Today we had a snow day, in the last 24 hours we got 18 inches of new snow. The high this entire week was on Wednesday when we got all of the snow and it was 17 degrees then. MOst other days it only got up to 5 degrees. TODAY Maverick is 8 months - he has been a difficult baby but it has gone by fast. He is doing everything fast, he already stands up to things and has taken a couple of steps around furniture. He is very determined and a Mamas band grandpas boy. Our church building had a pipe break and it flooded the entire church had several inches of water on the floor.
Madeline is very gullable and and I'm sure people have just thought she was lying. On Wednesday she was so excited to go to school and tell everyone that her grandpa Tolman is Santa Claus. He told her that he had pictures of him at the North Pole and would maybe take her there. So she told her friends. Her friend Rachel was so confused and so Mad that her mom wouldn't let her go to the North Pole this Monday with Madeline, after 4 phone calls I think that we have her settled down. Madeline is supposed to be getting baptized on Sunday but we are not sure if everything will be fixed by then.
Megan is trying to get eveything ready for Christmas and entertain her children since there is no school. We are all so excited for Mike to come home tomorrow. Then we are headed to Utah and Wyoming for Christmas and New Years. Every prayer that Aurora says, she says "Please bless dad to be safe at the airport." She isn't quite understanding that he gets on the plane and flys to Virginia. We wish you all safety, good health, and a wonderful holliday season.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Madeline is 8 today!

Wow I can't believe that Madeline is already 8. We are going to baptise her on the 2nd of January, here in Spokane. If any one would like to come that's fine just let me know - everyone is invited. We celebrated her birthday two weeks ago with dad here. We went to the Phillipee's farm. There were pigs, goats, rabbits, horses, ducks, deer, chickens, geese, a box turtle, lama's, and maybe something I forgot. The kids got to feed, ride, and pet the animals. We finger painted on a pony and the kids had their faces painted. It was so much fun adn just what MaDELINE wanted (She wants to be a vet.) I let her invite who she wanted and I guess she made additional invitations because there were way more kids there than the amount of invitations I made. We gave cowboy hats to all of the kids. It was a wonderful time. MIke said that I went way over board - but this is only her second friend birthday party!!!!
Today we are all going to eat school lunch with Madeline and take her class a treat (dirt cups). Then she'll have her favorite poppy seed chicken for dinner. We'll have cake and open a couple of gifts.
I am so lucky to have Madeline. She is helpful, smart, active, beautiful, kind, thoughtful, strong willed, silly, nurturing, artistic, dramatic, cordinated, musical, she is wonderful in many ways. She has a hard time listening and doing anything I ask, and she is working on obeying. She is stubborn just like MIke and I and likes to do everything different - like me. SO I am understanding why I sometimes drove my mom crazy. I love her so much and want he to grow up knowing what is right, to keep being kind to everyone, to always try her hardest and keep doing really well in school and in social settings. Her dad and I are proud of who she is (usually), and want her to know that we love her so much. That we always want to be with her and so we want her to choose the right so that she can return and live with Heavenly Father, Jesus and her family.

Monday, November 10, 2008

So much to say

Well it was absolutely wonderful to have Mike home. Maybe since I miss him so much when we're together I could stop complaining - that sure would be nice. We did fun things every day but this week has been really hard to have him gone, because each time he leaves we have to go through missing him and kids acting up. On the positivie side of things Maverick is wanting to be down now. He is army crawling and has 2 teeth at 6 months!
I have been thinking about old friends and times and I was in Miss Sanpete and just got back from Europe 8 days before competing so I totally focused on my talent and changed my song an everything and no one believed that I could do it- so I had to prove them wrong. Well my talent was perfect but my on stage question - embarrasing. It was what is the power of Music? It was such a broad question that I stumbled and so to clear my head hear is my answer. The power of music is of help a grandma with altizmers (SP) remember, an autistic child move smoothly, a sad child twirl happily around the room, and an outlet for a trouble youth. Music has no bounds, color or age, and is for everyone. I know only 2 things as powerful as music; people and religion. So there it is and maybe I won't ave any more nigtmares about this...

Monday, October 20, 2008


We have done lots of things. Where to begin..... Iguess there is too much so I'll just write about this last week. This last weekend we went to a ward harvest/Halloween Party. We have a tradition of the whole family dressing like characters from a movie or book. My kids choice this year was Spiderwick Cronicles. Rhett is Jared Grace, Madeline a Water fairy, Aurora a flower sprite, and Maverick was a green boggart. The party was dinner and trunk or treat. (All I need, more candy around.) Then on Saturday we went to the pumpkin patch, and corn maze. Heidi's family was here for the weekend!
On Friday Maverick turned 6 months and got his first tooth pushing through. (eight months earlier than Madeline got her first tooth.) Aurora is enjoying gymnastics and preschool (mommy and me). Rhett has friends calling him almost daily. He is having fun in kindergarten even though everything is pretty easy for him. Madeline is having a good time in school but is a little too nurturing and social. (helping others do their work). She loves to help with Mav - usually. I had the flu last week and Aurora was sick also, but Maverick was finally happy.
Mike is comming home on Friday for 1 week!!!!
I chopped my hair - over 14 inches on Wednesday.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Rhett turned 6 today!

Today is Rhett's birthday and he turned 6! On Wednesday night we ate all of his favorites and had his birthday cake because grandma and grandpa Tolman left on Thursday morning. We ate Chicken on the bone, corn on the cob, strawberry lemonade, cantaloupe, primavera, and double layered strawberry short-cheese cake. He is such a funny, good, imaginate, smart kid. He said on Wednesday this is the best day ever, then on Thursday again, today told me "Thank you mom, I had the best birthday ever and we're still going to Chucky Cheese." He has told me probably 6+ times that he loves me today. He is such a good kid. We took ice cream sandwhiches to his kindergarten class today and his teacher reassured me how smart she thinks he is. He got some of the coolest toys - star war micro machines, playmobile, magnets, and a transformer. He likes to play video games and sports; especially baseball and soccer. He is starting tikuando (Spelling) next tuesday and has it twice a week. He really wants to start taking piano from his grandma, but she is very busy with trips, 11 students, and life. He loves PE, kinderbuddies, Math,free choice fridays, callander, show-n-tell, and music at school. He misses his dad, loves his sisters and can always make Maverick smile.
I've been busy the last couple sundays doing music for Relief Society, teaching in Miamaids, and beehives, now this sunday I am teaching Rhetts class. Aurora starts gymnastics on Monday and Madeline will be taking tykuando with Rhett. We do a craft at Michaels each Saturday. On the 11th we are going on a hike with a tour and learning about the Spokane area. The on the 18th we are going to Greenbluff to pick pumpkins and apples and have apple pie. Then at night we have our Ward Harvest and trick-or-treating, I know early. We've had a tradition of everyone in the family dressing up as the same theme. This year we are doing Spiderwic cronicles. Rhett is Jared, Madeline a water fairy, Aurora a flower sprite, megan is Mallory, MIke is mullgarath, and Maverick a troll, or green monster. THe kids are so excited. This theme was Rhett's idea. If you haven't noticed I like to stay busy because I get so much more done. The most exciting thing is that MIke is coming home in 1 month for a visit and will be staying 9 days!!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Trying but fun year

Well I am supposed to write a newsletter for the Johnson side but my scanner is not hooked up to the computer, and I don't have all of these fun Layouts like Dacia, or clever with my wording like Emily, nor do I have these heart warming stories like Alycia, so who reads mine anyway? I am basically doing this because I enjoy reading other people's blogs and I want to keep our history - through this and scrapbooking. So here it goes...
This year has been very trying. Mike has been gone since January 09, Megan and the kids have lived with Scott and Linda since January 2007 when we sold our house in Logan UT. We haven't lived in our own home together for 3 years - so thus the depression and trials. It's a bummer that Mike has been working away from home, but we are partying without him. We have done so many fun things, and have been so many places. This year we went to Idaho, Oregon, California, Nevada, Arizona, Wyoming, Utah, Georgia, Alabama, Missouri, Virginia, Maryland, and have done a little traveling in our state of Washington.
Mike graduated from USU in December and then joined the Army in January. He went to Basic Training for 11 weeks at Ft. Benning, GA. Then stright to Officer Candidate School (OCS) for another 12 weeks. Then he came home for 6 weeks and then went to Ft. Eustis, VA to snowbird for 3 weeks before heading to Ft. Sill OK for Basic Officers Leadership Course 2 (BOLC II). He will then TDY back to Ft. Eustis VA for Transportation BOLC III. He is excited and hopes to make the Army his career but is missing family. He like the majority of the training and is doing very well. When he finishes in February we have Perminate Change of Station (PCS) orders to Ft. Hood, TX. We were bummed about this until we found out that Jon and Shannon would be only 1&1/2 hours from us for Jon's flight school. This training will put us apart for a year- so we hope and pray that we'll not just get moved to Texas and then receive orders for Mike to deploy to Iraq.
Megan has stayed very busy with the 4 kids and everything that involves. She was the Activity days leader but asked to be released when she packed up everything because we thought we were moving with Mike to Virginia - nope. She volunteers at the kids school. She is dieting and exercising pretty seriously and is the lowest that she has been in 5+ years but Mikes not here to notice. She feels pretty good except not ever getting enough sleep. She just went to DC and spent a week with Mike, then came home to turn 30.
Madeline is a dynamic, dramatic, stubborn, smart, beautiful, social, questioning, helpful girl. She did very well in first grade and is liking 2nd grade. She gets very emotional with dad gone and mom spending so much time caring for Maverick. She is starting piano again, and karate. This past year she also played soccer and baseball. She will be getting baptised on January 2nd and anyone who wants to come is invited. Hope you all can attend.
Rhett started kindergarten but smart enough for 1st grade. He is very good at so many things. We have the tradition of the whole family dressing up like characters from a movie or book, this year he came up with the idea - Spiderwic Chronicles. He is starting piano and karate. He also did soccer and baseball this year. He is a funny kid, who loves to play any type of game.
Aurora is a sweetheart. She has had some hard weeks, like this one trying to potty train again; she is usually very good. She is silly, polite, cute, creative, imaginative, animated and tricky. She loves to dance, sing, read and PLAY! She is starting gymnastics, music and doing story time again. She loves to go to nursery every Sunday.
Maverick is Mr. Cranky pants. He has not been an easy baby, but I am highly stressed right now and I am sure he feels it. I have to do most things with one hand (like typing this letter). We'll get through it and he'll start doing things better and feeling better soon (hopefully). He is right on developmentally and healthy!!!! When he smiles and laughs it is contagious and the cutest thing you've ever seen, I just wish he would always be happy.
We hope you are all doing well, we hope to be since this past month we've had the flu and now colds. So if I seem overwhelmed - I am right now but things will change. We are happy and are glad to have Maverick with us and for Mike's training and acceptance in the Army.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Maverick has been in 11 states already, and we'll add Virginia this month!

There are a lot of new pictures at the bottom of all of the blogs so make sure to check them out.
Boy has it been a long time. We had a family vacation. We went to Utah and visited some friends and family, Jon and Shannon, Anne, Katie, Jen and all of their kids. Then we went to the Grand Canyon - yeah in July. We were there for 4 days, with 6 kids. (We took 2 of Justin's kids because he was unable to go at the last minute.) We had perfect weather, it averaged 70 degrees at the north rim. The kids couldn't have been better. It was really nice to see alot of my Cousins on the Farley side that I haven't seen in years. I hadn't seen my sister mandi in more than 18 mo and she was there also. After that we stayed in Sampete with Weston and Justin's families (Megan's brothers) for 4 days. We then went to Megan's mom and dad's in Lyman Wyoming and spent the 24th with them, cousin Coutney, Uncle Fred and Aunt Sue, Mandi and her family were there also. Then we went on to Vernal where we helped Megan's sister Donnell move to a new home. Our travels then took us to Ridgecrest California to see MIke's sister Sherri and whitness Dylan's blessing and Tawny's baptism. We were so glad that we could see every brother and sister and their kids on this trip. That is 11 siblings and 21 neices and nefews! (and some spouces). We are unsure where the Army will take us but hopefully we will have a lot of visitors.
After getting back to Spokane Mike had to leave a couple of days later. We then had Shalynn, Tawny and Kailey stay with us for a week and a half.
Now Megan is preparing for the kids to go to school and for another trip! On Friday she will leave for a week to go see Mike in Virginia. She is thrilled, and has never been there.